Final Fantasy XV future DLC and Online Co-op

Posted on October 29, 2016

Over at Paris Games Week, Square Enix is working on the Final Fantasy hype train before the November release of XV.  Director Tabata-san has confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will have an online multiplayer feature, along with details on the future DLC.

Back in August the FF XV season pass was announced, costing $38 and containing six DLC packs in total. We know know that three of these packs will revolve around each party member.  These individual packs will focus on the party member’s story and after completion will allow players to battle as either Gladio, Ignis or Prompo on the online co-op mode.

Following the success of Final Fantasy XIV as an MMORPG, it makes sense that Square continue utilizing the online opportunities of the current generation of consoles.

Along with this juicy news, the team behind FFXV also showcased a new CG trailer entitled “Omen”.

An “omen” arrives for Noctis’ father, the King, of a catastrophic future. This is one of the first looks into the real plot behind Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV releases world wide November 29th for PS4 and Xbox One.