Fists fly as Stormblood is announced for Final Fantasy XIV

Posted on October 17, 2016

During the presentation at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival, held in Las Vegas this weekend, a brand new teaser trailer was released; Final Fantasy XIV:  Stormblood.

The trailer itself is quite simple. Starting off with a beautiful sweeping view of a new land and moving its way up to reveal a mysterious woman in red, performing a set of dance-like moves. She then proceeds to engage with  the Warrior of Light whom, it would appear, has changed out of his usual  battlements to sport a more appropriate garb for the battle about to ensue. The trailer then showcases both the woman in red and the warrior of light engaging in some lightning fast martial arts (Monk and Brawler battlers like myself must be loving it in this trailer) before sweeping out to reveal more of the landscape. Upon returning to the two fighters , having taken their respective positions, build up a mysterious aura and make one final charge at each other, ending with a close up shot of their faces alight with pleasure.

final_fantasy_14_stormblood-6The trailer itself appears to be a teaser for the new expansion slated for release midyear 2017. During the event a slew of info has been revealed in relation to the new expansion as Director Naoki Yoshida touched upon additional gameplay, raising of the level cap from 60 to 70, and the arrival of  new job systems for players to try their hand at. It was also revealed that player inventory size will be increased, which for those of you, like myself, that just never have enough space to carry everything…

While not much else was made clear, Yoshida has teased that more news will be revealed at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festivals in Tokyo and Europe. As an added bonus Yoshitaka Amano, an artist whose artwork in Final Fantasy is legendary, has penned a new piece featuring the woman in red, which I’ll just leave here for you all to admire.30208199352_8cc78e2bed_z