Footage from cancelled Metallica video game finally published

Posted on October 18, 2016

Long before Guitar Hero: Metallica, the first idea of a Metallica video game was theorised and put forth by the team at PtoPOnline.  Now years, and several concept art hints later, the first game play trailer has been released.

Originally a vehicular combat game called Damage Inc., the newly released demo showcases the incomplete PS2 edition of what the game could have been.

Highlighting some of the carnage possible Damage Inc. also shows that it is not yet ready to give up. An attempt was originally made to bring the title to the PSP. which ultimately failed. Now PtoPOnline seeks to preserve this relic of the early 2000’s online, of which the site can be supported on their Patreon page.

While we may never see a finished product, the idea of Damage Inc. lives on in every Mad Max and Serious Sam game released. Perhaps a skin mod to introduce the band members into either game will be enough.