Get some sun in Symphony of the Machine at PAX Aus!

Posted on October 13, 2016

Fresh off this year’s Perth Global Game Jam ‘Lets Make Games’, Symphony of the Machine is a rather zen VR title, where players control the weather and try to restore life to a post-apocalyptic world. So it’s great to hear that among the chaos that is PAX Australia, Symphony of the Machine will be available to demo.

Stirfire Studios, the Perth-based developer and publisher of Freedom Fall, will be releasing Symphony of the Machine for PS VR and HTC Vive in early 2017.  In this VR demo, an ancient machine controls the weather and its creators are long gone. You must enter the mysterious tower and perform the ritual; come to understand its workings and save your crops in order to survive this seemingly desolate place.

Symphony of the Machine screen 02

The Diversifiers, a set of rules handed down at the start of a Global Game Jam, required that the initial concept version be non-violent (‘Gandhi’s Game’), have no cutscenes or text boxes to interrupt gameplay, and could be played one-handed or, with ‘one hand tied behind my back’. With all of these elements appealing to the VR environment, it’s great to see this title exploring the new frontier of gaming.

Those who will be attending PAX Australia 2016, be sure to get down to the ‘Rising Premium’ section of the Expo Hall (consult the map closer to PAX) to get hands on with Symphony of the Machine and meet the team from Stirfire Studios.

PAX Australia will be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre on November 4 – 6, 2016.  The Checkpoint team will be there to bringing you all the details, and tickets are still available from the PAX website.