I’ll (wish I didn’t have to) save you, Mr. President!

Posted on October 11, 2016

Meet the person with the worst job in the world

Trump Campaign Manager

No, not her. This guy. Meet Dick “Rock-Hard” Johnson, from the new Steam game Mr. President!

Mr. President! screenshot
The best in the biz, and a bonafide bulletproof bodyguard. Unfortunately, when you are the best that money can buy, it means that douchebags with money will buy you. Enter Ronald Rump.

You heard me.

In Mr. President! the most hated presidential candidate of all time appears to have brought out more than a few enemies in this silly, rag-doll reaction game. But of course no matter how hateful, violence and murder should NEVER be encouraged toward anyone, and as such it’s our job to save him… or attempt to Or dance.

Maybe I’ve just been binging on too much US news coverage. But while the physics and game design is nothing revolutionary, what we get is a highly topical and succinct concept delivered brilliantly. ¬†The budget title is now available on Steam, and I’m going to let the images speak for itself.