League of Legends World Championship has begun

Posted on October 3, 2016

The biggest game in the world is hosting the biggest eSports event in the world, an event which has been appropriately dubbed ‘Worlds.’

Having started on the 30th of September and running until the end of October, the League of Legends World Championships (or Worlds) will see the best teams across the globe compete for the World Cup. The event moves from country to country each year, and for 2016 the United States gets the honour. Starting in San Francisco before moving to Chicago, onto New York, and then finishing in Los Angeles, the events will take place in world class arenas and stadiums, such as the Staples Centre and Madison Square Garden.

The initial prize pool for this year’s annual competition is $2,130,000 USD, with sales from a special ‘Championship’ skin and ward expected to raise the amount significantly. The winning team will take home a cool million (USD) at the very least. With 36 million people tuning in to watch the finals of last years event and League of Legends continuing to grow in scope and player-base, Worlds 2016 will most certainly be a big deal.

Competing this year are 3 North American teams, 3 European teams, 3 South Korean teams, 3 Chinese teams, 2 teams from the Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau region, 1 team from Brazil and 1 from Russia. Unfortunately, we are yet to see Australian representation in the League of Legends world stage.

Team Draw for League of Legends World Championship 2016

For those who are looking to watch this massive competition take place you can watch live via Twitch and YouTube.