Local Aussie band’s music featured in Orwell

Posted on October 25, 2016

Perth Local Hardcore/Punk band Ratking, have had their song Pipedreams feature in upcoming indie title Orwell. Orwell is… you guessed it, set in an Orwellian society where your goal is to invade the privacy of civilians and investigate to find the culprits of  terror attacks. In the game you can delve into peoples personal lives via internet information, personal information and everyone’s private files.

Check out the trailer below. Orwell is out October 27th.

Ratking are super excited to tick this off their bucket-list as a band as they’re big gamers themselves. They took to Facebook to write “We are so  excited to announce that our music is in this brand new game – ORWELL.This game, on freedom of speech is extremely reflective of our views towards the world. Buy this on steam.” The song that features is called Pipedreams, from their EP Wastelander. Check it out below!