Pokémon Sun and Moon demo accidentally shares heaps of new Pokémon

Posted on October 19, 2016

The demo for Pokémon Sun and Moon has taken the internet by storm with fans ecstatic about both the demo’s intended content and also what was not intended. Amongst the code of the demo released on the 3DS from Game Freak were some Pokémon sprites that had not yet been announced.  Over 30 new Alolan forms and Pokémon have been discovered within the games code. Many of these new sprites and the ones previously announced have also had their shiny editions found within the demo (either through the code or soft resetting). All current information has been leaked and not confirmed for the final game.

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The biggest reveal uncovered by the hackers was the confirmation of a previous leak ; the final forms of the three Sun and Moon starters. Most fans would have already come across these designs earlier in the year and have long debated the final forms already. Now that these designs have been confirmed there is unfortunately little doubt that Litten’s final form will be anything but fire/fighting.


It is believed that the Alolan Dugtrio was actually intended to be revealed in this demo and was only spotted through the new PokéFinder function after a local NPC states that they are startled by a Pokémon in the immediate area. This is an uncommon event and can take some time to find.


In the demo there’s a Pokémon Capture Challenge where you catch wild Pokémon from the first area, just outside of Hau’oli City. Here the player can attempt the trial in Ten Carat Hill.  The trial consists of using the PokéFinder to photograph two Jangmo-o and two Hakamo-o, one of which is a Totem Pokémon. It is known that the Totem Pokemon will play a major role in the new Gym/trail mechanics. The photographed Pokémon will attack after using the PokéFinder to photograph them.


The first usage of the new Z Movie Power is demonstrated as well with a Pikachu and the Z ring. Together, along with the correct type of crystal, players can use a Z move power once per battle.  Pikachu’s Z Move is Gigavolt Havoc. It is believed that Z Moves depend on the Pokémon’s known base moves and will change accordingly.

After initially completing the demo you gain access to another new feature of Sun and Moon: Poké Ride. Using the Ride Pager players will be able to call upon different Pokémon to overcome terrain and obstacles. Here you can experience riding on a Taurus from Gen 1 in all outside areas of the game. Taurus is able to break large debris and boulders in the player’s way.


It has been confirmed that the demo is intended to continue to reveal new information over time, most likely until the Japanese and North American release, with various characters referencing future events happening in a numbered amount of days. One in 5 days, one in 18 days and one in 24 days.

More info will be revealed when these days count down, so download the demo yourself and check it out! Pokémon Sun and Moon is scheduled for release on November 18th.