Are you seeing red? Rockstar Games is!

Posted on October 17, 2016

Rockstar Games has just broken the internet and set gamers talking all by simply going red. It might not seem like much but this small colour has sparked a lot of conversation among the gaming community. The new red logo appeared first on Rockstar’s social media accounts Twitter and Facebook as well as the load in screen for Rockstar’s own official website.

There has been no official announcement as to what this updated logo might mean for Rockstar and gamers. A lot of speculations has been this could be the announcement for a sequel for Rockstar’s much loved open world western Red Dead Redemption which didn’t see mentioned at Sonys Playstation 4 Pro press event.

While we might not have any idea what to expect from Rockstar, here are some interesting facts to help you make your own conclusions:

  • Grand Theft Auto V was first revealed on October 25, 2011, which means it’s been almost five years exactly since they last announced a new game. A trailer soon followed later in the same week. And the game eventually released just under two years later.
  • Red Dead Redemption on Xbox 360 became backwards compatible on Xbox One earlier this year. Red Dead Revolver, the game’s predecessor, just recently became playable on PS4 via Playstation Network. 12 years has past since the first Red Dead games release, and it’s been 6 years since it’s last.

No matter what happens, one thing is clear. We’ll all be sitting here impatiently waiting for the next update from Rockstar Games.