Artists re-imagine Sonic celebrating 25th anniversary

Posted on November 19, 2016

Sonic the Hedgehog is set to run rings around the art scene, or at least collect them.

One of the best indicators of the popularity of a video game is the volume (and quality) of the fan art that is produced.  It appears that time has sped away from us, as it was in June 1991 when SEGA’s popularity soared with perhaps their most iconic character appearing for the first time.

To help celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary, an art exhibition is being organised by Washington Green and SEGA Europe Limited that will be displayed in the 34 Castle Fine Art galleries across the United Kingdom starting in December.  Each limited-edition print will be issued with a certificate of authenticity co-signed by the artist as well as Naoto Ohshima, one of the founding designers of Sonic the Hedgehog.

"Shadows hand" - Keith Maiden
“Shadows hand” – Keith Maiden

 “This collaboration is a fitting finale to our year-long celebration of Sonic’s 25th Anniversary.” said Jason Rice (Director of Brand Licensing, SEGA Europe Limited) “We wanted to create something truly unique to give fans and collectors the chance to view Sonic in a way never seen before.  These incredibly talented artists along with the whole team at Washington Green have been a joy to work with.  There is huge excitement and anticipation here at Sega at the prospect of revealing these stunning pieces of work to the world.  We couldn’t be more proud!”

The artists include Dan Lane, Paul Kenton, Frédéric Daty, Louis Sidoli, Stuart McAlpine Miller, Robert Oxley, Craig Davison, Keith Maiden, and Nic Joly.

"Sonic25" - Frédéric Daty
“Sonic25” – Frédéric Daty

“The launch of this collection marks the culmination of many months of passion, dedication and hard work both from our superbly talented artists and the team here at Washington Green.” Said Glyn Washington (Founder and Creative Director, Washington Green Fine Art) “We have all relished the opportunity to collaborate with SEGA, getting to know their brand and opening our world of fine art up to new audiences. The interest in the collection so far has been phenomenal, from established art collectors and Sonic fans alike, and we anticipate a great reception for the work when it launches in December.”

Have you some spare golden rings you wish to spend on some exclusive Sonic art?  If you are unable to make it to the UK, check out the Castle Fine Art website next month! [title image credit = “Speed of Sound” – Robert Oxley]

"Eyes on the prize" - Craig Davison
“Eyes on the prize” – Craig Davison