Creators of Journey hint at future game

Posted on November 4, 2016

The company that brought us some of the most breathtaking games on console these past few years is now hinting at a new title in development. Over twitter thatgamecompany released a single image on twitter, three candles admits a sky of blue:

“A game about giving” reads the caption.

Following this initial tweet the account then released two more images, along with linking a new twitter account @thatnextgame. These new images showed a line of children along the same blue sky from the first, as well as a stone archway on the crest of a hill. If there is anything to be divulged from these images it may just be that the sky will be a major setting for this new title. It makes sense following ABZU, from the vast ocean to the even vaster sky.

Not much is known about this new title but thatgamecompany is also hiring, perhaps something new will come of this that they haven’t done before. Stay tuned to twitter for more info, hopefully soon.