Final Fantasy XV gets personal with new trailer

Posted on November 13, 2016

With Final Fantasy XV less than a month away from release Squre-Enix has graced us with an interesting trailer “New Legacies”. The short five minute trailer takes fans of the Final Fantasy series and asks them what it is about Final Fantasy that has effected them and what impacts it has had on their lives, both now and while growing up. Personally this trailer hit me in a way that made me reminisce over the first time I played the series and instantly fell in love with Cloud, Aeris, and the gang from FF VII.

Now while Final Fantasy XV is due for release worldwide on November 29th,this trailer has really encouraged me to revisit some of my old Final Fantasy saved games and get in some replay value before I devote the rest of my year to XV. What are some of your favourite Final Fantasy moments and how has it influenced you both as a gamer and as a person?