Final Fantasy XV launch trailers released

Posted on November 30, 2016

Final Fantasy XV officially launched yesterday here in Australia after a long development cycle and while gamers are still getting their hands on it for the first time, some new trailers have been released to celebrate its launch.

“Final Fantasy has a special place in the hearts of many and the team who worked long and hard on this project couldn’t be prouder to present Final Fantasy XV to fans around the world,” said Hajime Tabata, game director. “Today, we invite not only longtime fans but a new generation of gamers to a series beloved thanks to the engaging storytelling, unique characters and captivating worlds that have become the hallmark of Final Fantasy over the years.”

The first is a very cool live action trailer called ‘Stand Together’, showing the importance of the bond between four friends and the power of working together.

The second, ‘Ride Together’, shows off the diverse gameplay featured in Final Fantasy XV and could quite possibly tip you over the edge if you’re still figuring out whether or not you should invest in the behemoth new RPG.

Are you playing it already? What do you think? Stay tuned for our full review on Checkpoint once we’ve spent enough time playing it!