Indie Radar: Planet Coaster

Posted on November 17, 2016

“Planet Coaster redefines coaster park simulation. With countless options for you to explore, you’ll create your park, delight your guests and share your success across the world.”

Title:                              Planet Coaster
Developer:                 Frontier Developments
Release Date:          November 18
Platforms:                  PC

Releasing in just a few short days, Planet Coaster will have you creating and managing your very own virtual theme park. Taking inspiration from classics such as RollerCoaster TycoonPlanet Coaster is looking to achieve the same level of wonder and creativity but with modernised controls and appearances.

Designing your theme park isn’t just about where you want to place your roller coaster, its about creating attractions, placing amenities and facilities, customising rides, laying paths, picking themes and totally re-designing your surroundings and scenery. Planet Coaster will allow the player to “raise mountains, form lakes, dig caverns and even build islands in the sky” as a form of creative freedom. – [source]

Once your park is built, it’s time to manage it like a boss. From research and development, to funding, to keeping your guests entertained at the park – everything is riding on your shoulders. The people attending your park are all unique and have their own personalities, needs, wants and cash. It will be up to you to tend to those needs and manage every aspect of your guest’s enjoyment in order to succeed in the cut throat world of theme park management.

“From the tiniest ride queue decoration to the grandest of themed parks in the most spectacular landscape; from the price you charge for a single ride to how you ease guest flow using paths and transport rides; where you choose to place your rides, shops and ATMs; how you deploy and motivate your staff – all combine to help your park flourish.” – [source]

planet coaster 6

Once you have your park the exact way you want it, you can share it with the rest of the world. Alternatively, you can download and play with other people’s creations as well. Planet Coaster is looking like it may have everything you’d want in a roller coaster simulation, let’s just hope the game can be as fun as the real thing.

Releasing on November 18 for the PC, Planet Coaster is one indie game that will most certainly be on my radar.