PAX AUS 2016: MyRepublic steps onto the scene

Posted on November 21, 2016

At PAX AUS this year I was lucky enough to have a sit out with CEO of the new-on-the-scene Internet Service Provider, MyRepublic. MyRepublic, who are a Singapore-based ISP servicing Singapore, New Zealand, Indonesia and now Australia, joined in with the festivities to launch their service and took a chance to tell us a bit about what they have on offer and how they differ from your typical Australian providers.

The major selling point that MyRepublic is bringing us, as gamers, is a specialised ‘Gamer’ service. During the interview MyRepublic explained that primary component of the NBN based Gamer Pro plan is a much higher upstream data rate, optimised for the growing trend of gamers who are broadcasting to services like Twitch, YouTube and more.

As well as their work for streamers, without getting too much into the technical side of things, the service has also been optimised in the backend, meaning you can expect latencies as low as possible and traffic priority over MyRepublic’s infrastructure to ensure the best gaming experience and connection to servers in Australia and overseas.

As gaming traffic is particularly sensitive to packet-loss as well as speed, MyRepublic‘s Gamer profile prioritizes game related traffic over typical web browsing on the network.

In the interview MyRepublic expressed that they are also looking at branching their gaming services into ADSL as well, although they would have less control over the quality of an ADSL service they provided. MyRepublic wants to show that they make the experience of gamers a priority and that’s why they’re launching this platform.

More information on the Gamer Pro plan can be found on their website.