Sniper Elite 4 Collector’s Edition announced for Australia

Posted on November 30, 2016

Five Star Games has announced the release of the Collectors Edition for Sniper Elite 4 on the PS4 and Xbox One. This limited collection contains a myriad of rare and original Sniper Elite merchandise to commemorate the game’s release in Australia next February.

Available across the country exclusively at EB Games Australia the Sniper Elite 4 Collector’s Edition contains:

·         Full retail copy of Sniper Elite 4

·         Collector’s Steel Box

·         Karabiner 98k Origami Model Rifle

·         4GB Bullet Shaped USB

·         4 Sniper Elite 4 Postcards

·         TARGET FÜHRER campaign mission


In the exclusive campaign mission TARGET FÜHRER, players will attempt to take down the most elusive target: Hitler himself!  Destroy the imposing U-boat base and eliminate the target in as many ways as you can in the re-playable campaign mission, with optional co-op.

The Collectors Edition is now available to pre-order on both PS4 and Xbox One for $129.95.  Sniper Elite 4 is set to release on the 14th of February 2017.