Akuma unleashes the Dark Hado in Street Fighter V

Posted on December 6, 2016

Any Street fighter worth their salt will tell you it’s not really an official Street Fighter without the inclusion of a certain red haired demonic Dark Hado practitioner… That’s right girls and boys; Akuma is making his grand entrance on Street Fighter V with the latest DLC to be released December 20th. Not only that, but it’s been announced that alongside him 5 completely new characters are to be released with the 2017 character pass. Who’s going to be included to this fantastic roster is anyone’s guess.

It would appear that Akuma has gone through a slight wardrobe change with a more wild hairstyle, but still retaining his dark blue Gi. While not a whole lot can be gathered at the moment, one of the screen shots shown does allude to the possible return of Gen within Akuma’s story mode. Does this mean that Gen could also be making a return to Street Fighter V; we’ll just have to wait and see.