Attention voyeurs! Your moral compass is set to spin

Posted on December 20, 2016

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a fun looking voyeuristic spying game by developers BadLand Games and Fictiorama Studios, coming to Steam in 2017.

In what is promised as a “narrative-driven, voyeuristic experience” this game is centred around ‘The Primate Observation Club’, an underground group who spy on others through surveillance cameras and compromised webcams.

Do you like to watch?
Do you like to watch?

Although urged not to interfere (hence the game title), you are given the choice of passively watching the lives of others (i.e. reality TV in game format), helping those you spy on, extorting them or exposing them.  Whatever choice you make will influence the game.

Although the content may be morally grey, it does have that certain look and feel of classic point and click games such as Day of the Tentacle
Do Not Feed the Monkeys does have that certain look of classic point and click games such as Day of the Tentacle with the detective feel of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

“We love working with Fictiorama Studios because they always offer wonderful, out-of-the-box ideas and gaming concepts,” said Luis Quintans (CEO, BadLand Games). “With Do Not Feed the Monkeys, we know that players will experience a game that will lead them to question their own moral compass.”

“We all have a natural tendency to wonder about other people’s lives. Sometimes the best stories are kept secret … all in the name of privacy,” says Luis Oliván, (Producer, Fictiorama Studios). “It begs the question: Why miss out on life’s best experiences because they’re not your own? We’re trying our hand at an answer with Do Not Feed the Monkeys. Hope you enjoy the ride!”

I want a Happy Morn... oh.
I want a Happy Morn… oh.

Human nature inherently has voyeuristic tendencies, as a consequence of our instinct to learn by observation.  And there has been a plethora of voyeuristic video games, with perhaps The Sims series being the most popular.  Do Not Feed the Monkeys looks to be a fun game that isn’t going to be taking itself too seriously.

Will you join The Primate Observation Club?