Experience EVE Valkyrie for a fraction of the cost

Posted on December 22, 2016

If Santa was generous enough to buy you a VR rig for Christmas, or if you are considering getting one in the future, EVE Valkyrie is a staple title regardless of which platform you choose to invest in. The Christmas period is the perfect time to get a hold of a copy given a range of discounts that the CCP title is receiving. The discount offers are as follows:

Windows PC: EVE: Valkyrie will be available for a discount of 33%, from today, all the way through to Tuesday, 3 January 2017. HTC Vive gamers, meanwhile, can enjoy a 33% discount for EVE: Valkyrie on Steam from Thursday, 22 December until Monday, 2 January 2017.

Console: From Friday, 23 December to Tuesday, 3 January 2017, PlayStation VR gamers can download and dive into EVE: Valkyrie via PlayStation®Network at a discount of 33% off the game’s RRP.

Defensive mechanism

EVE Valkyrie is one of the best example of what VR can achieve in terms of immersion that I have experienced to date. I still regularly jump into the cockpit of this game to try my hand at the multiplayer dogfights, or simply just experience the beautiful settings for all they’re worth, attempting to track down the last few elusive salvage containers. You can read my full review here to get a bit more information before deciding whether or not to take advantage of these limited time sales!