The Festivities are coming to World of Tanks

Posted on December 18, 2016

With the weather outside heating up for an Australian Christmas there’s nothing better than forgetting the sweltering heat with escaping into a Christmas winter wonderland online. World of Tanks has the perfect escape on PC and console.


Toy Tank Mode will be making a comeback on console. In a playful change of tone Toy Tank Mode allows players to battle in miniaturised toy tanks and navigate around a battlefield of presents.  Traverse over toy ramps, blocks and gifts in a festive land. During this event unlock a new special holiday emblem available only during this event. Toy Tank Mode is out on PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 between December 23 and December 26.


Starting on the 16th of December, holiday themed Ops for World of Tanks will be available to play. Inside your garage you will find your very own New Year Tree (it’s a Soviet thing) and KV-2 Snowitzer. By completing Holiday Ops special battle missions players can receive decorations for their tree, enhancing their ‘Festive Atmosphere’ level. Levelling up the Festive Atmosphere will unlock limited rewards.