The Binding of Isaac gets its final expansion in Afterbirth+

Posted on January 5, 2017

The 5 year development journey for The Binding of Isaac has finally come to an end with the release of the game’s last expansion, Afterbirth+.

The expansion is set to add new characters, enemies, floors, items and everything Isaac needs to continue projectile crying at biblical foes. Perhaps most exciting is the addition of modding tools that also come with AB+ that will allow players to pick up where the developers left off.

AB+ is the second expansion of The Binding of Isaac remake (called Rebirth) with the original expansion (Afterbirth) being a requirement to play. This kind of makes AB+ an expansion of an expansion of a remake… still following?

The news of AB+‘s  release comes straight from a developer blog where the dev’s have also shared their plans for user created content. The plan is to bring “the best mod content officially into the game via mini monthly updates to AB+ or booster packs.”

How these booster packs end up playing out is still yet to be seen but for those die hard Isaac fans you can grab AB+ now on steam or wait for its console release this Autumn.