EA’s Community Manager Breaks Twitter with “#skate4”

Posted on January 31, 2017

Has the time finally come? Are EA finally going to announce the highly anticipated  follow-up to 2010’s skating phenomenon, Skate3?

I’m not sure, but this tweet by EA Senior Manager for  Community Engagement, Daniel Lingen, has got everyone begging on their knee-pads for more information.


With Skate fans smashing that retweet button over 10,000 times, the like button over 20,000 and yelling at Lingen asking for more information about Skate 4 over 1,000 times; it’s fair to say that this tease has done what it was set out to do, build hype.

Skate3 was the last game released in the franchise and that was way back in 2010. If America can get a new president by then and there can be over 50 games released with a certain red hatted plumber, surely we can get a new Skate game. #skate4 #giveskate4achance

Would you want to see a new Skate game? Let us know!