Fire Emblem Heroes revealed

Posted on January 19, 2017

You better clear up some space on your phone, because Fire Emblem Heroes is coming.

Fire Emblem Heroes is a first for the series and apart of Nintendo’s plan to continue making mobile games. In Fire Emblem Heroes  you’ll wage strategic battles and level up characters from various Fire Emblem titles. To do this you’ll use summoning orbs which can be acquired through gameplay or with micro-transactions.

Old and new faces return, even some long neglected ones *Cough* Roy *Cough*
Old and new faces return, even some long neglected ones *Cough* Roy *Cough*

Nintendo confirmed on Twitter that the game will feature “brand-new art, hand drawn by a variety of artists” and “newly recorded voices.” Players can drag an ally to an enemy unit to attack, or use traditional Fire Emblem controls on the touch screen. The iconic weapon triangle will make a return.

Plan your attack around the enemy attributes to ensure a quick victory

Nintendo has launched a “choose your legend” event on their official website where players can vote for their favourite characters from the  Fire Emblem franchise. The characters that win (one male and one female) will be featured in Fire Emblem Heroes with special outfits to commemorate their victory.

Fire Emblem Heroes is due on Android devices February 2nd and will arrive on iOS  devices “soon”. Check back later for more details.

Watch the reveal trailer, straight from the Direct presentation.