Fire Emblem Warriors coming to Nintendo Switch

Posted on January 13, 2017

In today’s live Nintendo Switch Stream numerous titles were revealed to be coming to the platform. One surprising and very exciting title was Fire Emblem Warriors. A collaboration between Koei Tecmo and Nintendo has given gamers what would appear to be the perfect melding of games. Fire Emblem is getting its own hack and slash game and has been given the Hyrule Warriors treatment, which is a brilliant move!

The Hyrule games may never have been known for their great complexity but by bringing them together with Fire Emblem this will hopefully add some much needed depth. And lets not forget both franchises are highly popular with massive appeal. Whilst the teaser trailer didn’t reveal much (it didn’t have any gameplay or voice over) it did show just enough to give us a taste and whet our appetite. Even though its only been a few hours since the stream, plenty of dedicated fans have already made guesses on what the weapons are in the teaser and more importantly who they represent.

So take a look at the teaser trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors and make your own guesses and tell us if your as excited as we are!