Guardians of Arcadia Announcement Trailer Released

Posted on January 15, 2017

With all these new epic RPGs being released lately, occasionally it’s nice to see the classic gaming tropes and fundamentals being referenced. I’ll admit though, sometimes the newer games being released seem too epic in scale and all I crave is a nice indie release with simplicity, charm, and just a hint of nostalgia. Indie developers FABULA EPICA seem to have created just that in their release title Guardians of Arcadia.

A game created by fans, for fans; Guardians of Arcadia is a nod back to those treasured JRPGs of the 90’s. FABULA EPICA has painstakingly researched past consumer surveys, re-read countless gaming reviews, conducted their own research, listened to innumerable pleas and opinions from gamers, and replayed through those games that were popular during that decade. The result of all this hard work has culminated in the creation of Guardians of Arcadia.

Guardians of Arcadia’s story revolves around Hikaru and his sister Aki’s rebellion against General Nero of Baikal, an evil warlord who is waging war on neighbouring kingdoms with highly advanced weaponry. Through their travels they’ll be joined by unlikely comrades to help assist them in their bid to save the world. However it appears that a more sinister threat than simple world domination is looming in the distance. Players will get to explore an immersive 3D world, encounter random battles, and take on foes through a selectable menu system; all classic elements of their gaming generation.

No specific date has been revealed for Guardians of Arcadia, although episode 1 is said to be “coming this year” on their Steam page. For now we’re just going to have to play the waiting game, but I’m hoping it’s not too far off myself.