Officially licensed Nintendo Switch Accessories leaked

Posted on January 12, 2017

Whilst there’ve already been a few Nintendo Switch accessories announced, it seems odd we have yet to hear anything from HORI, arguably one of the most well known accessory developers in the world. Well this has all changed as it appears HORI’s entire starting line up of officially licensed Nintendo accessories has just been leaked.

What has been revealed are some very interesting morsels that allude to cartridge size and what appears to be the Switches lack of Ethernet capability without an added adapter. There was also some Zelda: Breath of the Wild skins and branded accessories amid the leaked photos, so hopefully this could mean we are still likely to see Zelda as a launch title. Either way we will know more this Friday at 3pm AEDT when Nintendo hold their Switch Stream and again on Saturday when Checkpoint attends a special Nintendo Switch preview event here in Melbourne. Check back with us regularly for all the latest news and updates (especially Friday and Saturday) and have a gander at some of the leaked accessories below.