Pre-registration opens for One Piece Thousand Storm… finally

Posted on January 9, 2017

Now is (finally) your chance to become the King of the Pirates!

Bandai Namco have announced that pre-registration is now open for the English release of One Piece Thousand Storm for iOS and Android devices.

One Piece follows the story of Monkey D. Luffy who sets out to find the fabled One Piece treasure to proclaim himself the King of the Pirates.  The manga of this series started back in 1997 and has since become one of the most popular and successful anime titles with nearly 800 episodes!

The One Piece is real! And so will this game soon for English gamers
The One Piece is real! And so will this game soon for English gamers

One Piece Thousand Storm is a much-awaited 3D action RPG title based on the ‘2 Years Ago’ and ‘New World’ story arcs that boasts multiplayer action for up to three players.  The Japanese version was released back in April 2016 with a vague Western release date announced for “winter 2017” (Northern Hemisphere winter that is).

This game is pretty much a must-have for all One Piece fans and certainly looks like a fun and polished looking action RPG multiplayer title for mobile devices that allows communication between players through “sticker chat”.  And if it is anything like the anime, it is sure to be a wacky and hilarious voyage!

But it’s not my bir… oh ok if you insist!

With pre-registration now open, Bandai Namco have announced that once the number of players for the English pre-release reaches 50,000 they will all receive three berry cards and five rainbow coins.  If 100,000 pre-register, three character medals for Trafalgar Law (2 years ago) and five rainbow coins are on offer, with more bonuses potentially available if even more players pre-register!  Exactly like pirate booty except for the whole cooperating and sharing part.

Watch the trailer, pre-register and don your straw hat!