Its time to live forever in new The Sims 4 expansion

Posted on January 11, 2017

Have you always wanted to act out the scenes from your favourite vampire films with your own private Sims at your command? Well now you can thanks to EA who today announced the arrival of The Sims 4 Vampire Game Pack, coming later this month.

EA have gone all out on our fanged friends, wanting to give us a vampire experience we truly deserve. In the new pack vampires have been done like never before, with each vamp harbouring their own motives and an all powerful desire for plasma (aka blood). Vampire Sims can of course find different ways to obtain this plasma, be it feeding upon other Sims as they sleep, or simply asking them. There is also different varieties of plasma which your vampire Sim can find along the way as well as  plasma packs for a quick fix, or Plasma Fruit which can be grown. Your vampire Sim can also have two forms (a light and a dark form) which are fully customisable, you are able to swap between both forms allowing you to do all your dastardly vampire deeds in the dark form. Just be careful of sunlight in that form or it might be detrimental to your health, unless you’re planning to go all Daybreakers and let your plasma sucker catch fire.

Sims 4 Vamps

EA knows that vampires would be nothing without cool vamp powers, so in the new pack vampires have the ability to turn other Sims undead. And of course what use is being a vampire without the ability to move around in different forms? EA has said there is more information to come in the following weeks on the form shifting front, fingers crossed for some wacky forms like chicken to go along with the obvious bat and wolf ones. Although The Sims vampires will be quite powerful it should be noted (as Spider-man always likes to remind us) that “with great power comes great responsibility”. It’s also important to realise that with all game powers there’s a balance out, each power is offset by its own weakness so don’t go thinking your vampire Sim will be an undead god.

The Vampires Game Pack will also include The Forgotten Hollow, a whole new World for your Sims to explore. The Sims 4 team said in a blog post “It’s completely different to previous The Sims 4 worlds and makes a great place for a vampire to live as night-time lasts long here. You’ll notice that this World looks and feels totally different to the others in The Sims 4, with creeping fog and a lot of withered, old foliage.” This is great as a longer night time cycle will become invaluable since your vampire Sim has that nasty sun allergy.

The Sims 4 Vampire Game Pack drops January 24th and will include additional vampire-related ‘Create a Sim’ options such as new skin-tones, eye colours and brow options as well as new ‘Build & Buy’ options like a pipe organ and coffin beds to really set the mood.