Toukiden 2 release date announced

Posted on January 27, 2017

It’s time to utilise the power of the Demon Hand and explore the massive open world, all the while decimating hordes of countless Oni on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Windows PC via Steam, as Toukiden 2 is set for release in March. Koei Tecmo America has revealed that the popular demon-hunting RPG is set for release on March 24th. A slew of images, as well as a new action packed trailer, highlighting the Demon Hand device, has been released during the release announcement.

Toukiden 2 features the story of a world blighted with the arrival of Oni, demonic creatures, after an event known as the Awakening, and the upsurgeance of fighters known as Slayers – mankind’s defenders. They set out to protect the city of Yokohama and drive back the oncoming slew of Oni, but during their fierce battle a giant demon emerges and opens a portal that swallows a swallows a single lone slayer. Ten years appear to have passed and the slayer who vanished years prior awakes, with no memories of his past, in a small village called Maharoba.

In Toukiden 2 player will control this mystery slayer and navigate through their story while being accompanied by a unique cast of complex characters: Hakase, a knowledge hungry professor eager to learn the truth of the world, Tokitsugu, a Machina enchanted with the soul of a human, Gwen, a young British Slayer who wields her sword and shield with deadly finesse, Benizuki, a kind hearted person who is labelled as the strongest slayer in town, and Homura, an ex-thief who’s stealthy occupation allows his to act a competent slayer wielding his preferred weapon of a chain whip.

Thanks to Professor Hakase inventive genius, a unique devise known as the Demon Hand has been crafted, allowing slayers to create physical manifestations of their thoughts to battle with. Using the Demon Hand, players will be able to grab a hold of their foes and then throw themselves into the air to land attack from above, as well as perform complex evasive counter-attacks. The Demon Hand can also be used outside of battle to aid in the exploration of the world’s vast open landscape, known as the Otherworld, by utilising its strength to smash large obstacles or reach inaccessible heights with the Oni Grabble mechanic.

No RPG is complete without side-quests and upgrade features and Toukiden 2 will have these and more. The world of Toukiden is home to many helpful creatures ready to aid your team in their quest to save the world. For example, hardworking Machina, will be tasked with excavating valuable material necessary in crafting better armour and weaponry for your team. By upgrading and repairing these robotic allies, the Machina will be able to bring back more valuable items to be used in-game. The fox-like Tenko also returns in Toukiden 2, once they are rescued and cared for by players they may act as pet companions and help you to explore the Otherworld.

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