2Dark Gameplay Trailer Unveiled

Posted on February 26, 2017

For those of you looking for a little doom and gloom in their gaming experience, 2Dark may have exactly what you’re looking for.  After the story trailer was revealed last month, we can now confirm that this 2D Stealth-Horror game has been announced for release this coming March on the 17th to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. A trailer revealing both 2Dark’s gameplay can be seen here.

Following the story of ex-detective Smith, a man now searching for a string of missing children who have been abducted, players will need to search, find, and rescue the missing children all while surviving deadly traps laid out by these crazed psychopaths. Whether it’s Antonio Petronelli the clown or Dr. Ernest Miguele, each serial killer saves his share of horrible surprises for you.

The gameplay will require players to sneak past the killers, unheard, while avoiding deadly hazards laid out to prevent escape. The game’s main goal is to rescue the children, however in saying that it is far more difficult, as the children are slower than Smith and more susceptible to damage.

This game’s unforgiving level of difficulty will force players to master the mechanics of each level before successfully rescuing the kids. Be bold and cunning in your investigation, use the shadows to your advantage and above all rescue the children!

2Dark 3

2Dark will be available for purchase on March 17, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.