Australia officially added to Civilization VI alongside big free patch

Posted on February 22, 2017

Stone the flamin’ crows! Australia is making their way into¬†Civilization VI. Strewth!

In a first for the series, Australia will be turned into a playable empire for the 4X strategy behemoth, Civilization VI. The Australian civ will be lead by John Curtin and has a range of fun bonuses including housing and wartime advantages when near the coast, and an expansion and territory stealing bonus called a ‘culture bomb’ when building paddock improvements. For more details, have a gander at the little beaut of a video released by Firaxis.

Also coming alongside Australia is some much needed tools and improvements to the game – all completely free. Modding tools and Steam Workshop integration will be added that will make modding and installing mods a much more comfortable task. We should also see a huge influx of mods heading to the game thanks to these improvements that will allow people like me to deck out their game in any way we like. Team Multiplayer is also arriving which was a fun aspect of past games but missing from Civ 6. Team Multiplayer will allow a ‘shared victory’ between two or more players and allows teams to group up and fight collectively. Finally, AI tweaks are also coming which is great news for anyone who has played the game. In my review I listed AI as one of the only negatives to the experience, so continue tweaking them I say!

Civilization VI is available for PC, Mac and Linux.