Final Fantasy XV patch 1.05 now available

Posted on February 20, 2017

Patch 1.05 has gone live today for Final Fantasy XV and adds the following features to your adventures in Eos:

  • PlayStation 4 Pro console Lite Mode compatibility with a maximum of 60 FPS enabled
  • New Time Quests (limited-time and contests)
  • Higher level cap (up to Level 120)
  • Increased camera roll capacity (store up to 200 photos)
  • Portable music player for Chocobo rides
  • Conclusion of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival

patch 1.05 chocobo

To clarify a few things on that list:

  • The Lite Mode compatibility, as far as I have been able to research, is simply a way to allow the game to play with a more consistent frame rate on compatible devices. I did invest a bit of time looking for more info on this, but there is somewhat of a convenient lack of it out there.
  • The level cap was previously 99. Increasing this will provide an incentive for all the power levellers out there to go nuts (although there are some pretty simple EXP mega grinds available in game).
  • The camera roll capacity was previously 150, which you can fill with ease, especially if you invest in Prompto’s additional abilities.
  • The portable music player for Chocobo rides is my absolute favourite addition to date. I still need to level my Chocobos to the max level in game, and this will provide a welcome addition to that experience. I still maintain that the addition of previous game soundtracks as you drive around was one of the most clever tactics used to bring this game into the modern era.


It is said that a DLC booster pack will also be released the same time as the new update, which will feature a free version and a paid plus version. The paid plus version will include:

  • The Magitek Exosuit
  • Boost Sword
  • Dragon Mod Fishing Rod
  • Aviol Rod

According to , Square Enix have also released word that they are currently working on a new project that may see the Regalia being drive-able off road, however we are still waiting for further updates.

Are you still playing Final Fantasy XV? What’s your highlight of these recent additions or what are you most looking forward to? Let us know here at Checkpoint so we can compare notes!