Humble Bundle joins the publishing game

Posted on February 12, 2017

Humble Bundle are moving into the game publishing and funding industry across multiple platforms.

Already a highly successful digital game distributor, Humble Bundle has done so much for the video game community. With a percentage of their sales going towards charity, Humble has not only supported small game devs and brought amazing bundled deals to consumers, but have also raised a staggering amount of money for worthy causes. By expanding into the publishing industry for games, Humble Bundle will have all corners of the online distribution market covered.

humble bundle publishing

Humble already have seven games set up across a range of genres and platforms for the opening of the their new publishing branch. The seven games with links to their websites include:

If you would like to contact Humble Bundle about having your game published, they are currently accepting submissions.  More possible titles are currently being evaluated and more news about this amazing new development is sure to come.