Overwatch adds further hints to new character speculations

Posted on February 26, 2017

Just a few days after releasing an interview with Robotics Genius Efi Oladele, The Overwatch twitter have tweeted this alarming alert about a confrontation at Numbani airport involving the OR15s that Efi spoke about in the interview.


They also added this screen capture from Atlas News:

Efi Oladele was introduced on a blog post on the Overwatch website in an interview with her surrounding her achievements leading to her receiving a “genius grant” from the Awade Foundation.

In the interview which you can read here, it explains that Efi is an 11 year old robotics super genius and a native of Numbani, with goals to create robots to help and serve people, and eventually ones to keep people safe “like the new OR15s” she explains. Efi goes on to commend her parents for being very trusting and hint they they’re the ones that back her and help clean up after her and even fund her experiments.

I think it’s relatively safe to assume we can expect some more news regarding the incident and possibly even Efi Oladele in the coming days.