Overwatch is getting a server browser for custom games

Posted on February 9, 2017

In the latest developer update video, game director Jeff Kaplan has announced that Overwatch is getting a server browser that allows players to scroll through a custom games list and jump into any multitude of custom game types.

Kaplan says in the video that “the majority of our players like to play the game through Quick Play and Competitive, and then a lot of our players engage with the Arcade as well, and the different modes that are running in the Arcade. But there’s a lot of times where players want to try different things, and play the games in different ways, and it’s not really viable for us to put up a matchmaking system where we can feed everybody into everybody’s different possible custom games.”

Kaplan went on to explain that the server browser will show all available custom games in you region and will be searchable by game type, heroes enabled/disabled, maps, and more. It looks as though Kaplan and the rest of the Overwatch crew over at Blizzard really want their players to experience everything the game could possibly offer.

Adding to the trend of the Overwatch developers really listening to their player base feedback, they have decided to keep the capture the flag game mode around in custom games, whilst adding 9 different iterations of the existing maps for you to run and grab your enemy’s flag on.

The Overwatch server browser is now in testing on the PTR and will more than likely undergo changes as part of that process before arriving on live servers.