Retro Goodness in Evil Factory Release

Posted on February 3, 2017

Hey gamers! Looking to play a fun-paced and action-packed game with a retro twist? Well look no further than the smart phone game release, Evil Factory. Nexon and developers Neople have released this little gem onto the App store and Google Play, free to download and enjoy.

Evil Factory is a mobile, top-down action game that melds that pixelated 80’s goodness, a funky electronic soundtrack and challenging modern arcade gameplay. Evil Factory does away with cannon-fodder minions and throws the player straight into battle, immediately facing gigantic 8-bit bosses. Each oversized foe will employ a challenging array of attacks that players will need to react to swiftly and intelligently, whilst using a vast selection of weaponry and stat boosts to fell their foe. The game features of Evil Factory also allow players to upgrade their weapons, progress their character, and partake in weekly events, all while trying to top the leader boards.

The game follows the story of Leo, a short-fused protagonist with a rather abrasive attitude (isn’t that always the way with these kinds of games) who has been tasked the insane job of destroying the Evil Factory and its inhabitants. Only after defeating hordes of boss-sized monsters will he reach his end goal of facing and destroying the diabolical Kraken.

As if this game wasn’t already retro enough, what with the art style and synth soundtrack, players progressing through stages will be able to find miniature game cartridges that can be used to play 8-bit arcade mini-games. Games within games? Sounds like a bit of fun.

“Evil Factory is a major passion project for us, showing off our distinct stylistic vision with gameplay that takes inspiration from some of our favourite arcade classics,” the Producer of Neople games states within a press release. “Our team’s creativity and imagination shines through each 8-bit pixel and over-the-top boss fight, and we can’t wait to share it with players around the world.” – Jaeho Hwang