The Sexy Brutale is Groundhog Day with a murderous twist

Posted on February 17, 2017

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Jessica Fletcher visited Punxsutawney instead of Phil Connors?

The Sexy Brutale is a murder mystery puzzle game with a twist: Each night at midnight the day starts over allowing you to study the evidence from different perspectives and locations.

You play an elderly priest called Lafcadio Boone who must hide, observe and attempt to prevent the murders that are set to take place during an annual masked ball at the casino mansion, aka the Sexy Brutale.  The day will keep on re-setting until all the murders are solved.

Beautiful scenery sets the stage for murder!
Beautiful scenery sets the stage for murder!

The game, co-developed by Spanish developer Tequila Works and UK-based Cavalier Game Studios, is due for release on Playstation 4 on April 11 via physical release (in partnership with BadLand Game) and will be available on Steam shortly afterwards on April 13.  Those who pre-order the physical copy will receive the official soundtrack CD as well as a six-page comic book by Spanish artist Enrique Fernandez or an art book featuring concept artwork. I wonder if the soundtrack will feature Sonny and Cher?

... if not you'll regret it tomorrow. I mean today. Again.
… if not you’ll regret it tomorrow. I mean today. Again.

“The Sexy Brutale is one of the most remarkable games we have seen, and we’re absolutely delighted to be bringing it to physical retail,” said  Luis Quintans (CEO, BadLand Games). “Solving murders by reliving an unending cycle of death is a great concept on its own — and a worthy addition to the adventure genre.”

“The joy of The Sexy Brutale is experiencing each individual story and death and learning how to prevent each murder before it happens every day,” said Raúl Rubio (CEO and Creative Director, Tequila Works). “Such a special occasion demands the appropriate dress code — a fancy physical release in partnership with BadLand Games!”

Just like me! I lie... I'm broke.
Just like me! I lie… I’m broke.

While the game sounds intriguing and the graphics have a delightfully dark and cute Gothic charm, it will remain to be seen whether reliving the same day over and over will be sexy or just brutal.