Universal Windows Platform games are coming to Xbox One

Posted on February 9, 2017

Microsoft’s ‘Developer Day’ event is well underway and we’re getting some sneak peeks at what the company has in store for its developers and users in the year to come. One of the more unexpected items to be revealed is that the Xbox One is going to be getting Universal Windows Platform (UWP) game support. UWP game support has been lacking from the Xbox since Microsoft added support for UWP apps in the last major Dashboard update. It’s fantastic to see Microsoft moving forward and bringing more and more games to the Xbox One with more and more tools for developers to bring their titles to the platform.


For the uninitiated, the UWP is the new system Microsoft is working on to allow the same software to run on your PC, mobile, Surface Hub, Hololens, and Xbox One. What this means for you is that we’re going to start seeing far more (typically) smaller in scope games headed to the Xbox One alongside the indies and AAA we see currently. It also means that anyone who can build a UWP game can get it launched for the Xbox, which will be an excellent avenue for smaller or first time developers to gain access to the system and user-base. If you check out the Windows Store at the moment you’ll be able to see the titles that could make the transition to the Xbox soon.

This is good news for Microsoft and gamers alike. More games and more access to facilitate play.

These changes come alongside the ‘Creators’ update for Windows 10 and the Xbox One, which is bringing an increased focus on UI speed and a re-vamped Guide.