Arms – An introduction to characters and weapons

Posted on March 22, 2017

With the Nintendo Switch launch off to a good start, many gamers have now got their eyes set on some of the first-party games releasing later this year for the console. To ensure we haven’t forgotten about Arms (I mean, how could we?) Nintendo have released a couple of videos to introduce us to the characters we will be playing and the weapons we will be using.


On show are 5 characters, each with their own abilities and special properties. The 5 characters are:

  • Spring Man – He can repel attacks with a shock-wave and at low health his arms maintain full charge
  • Ribbon Girl – She can do multiple mid-air jumps and can perform a quick drop
  • Ninjara – He has an air dash that emits a smoke-screen and can warp whilst guarding
  • Master Mummy  – The undead being can not be staggered by attacks and guarding restores health
  • Mechanica  – She can hover mid-air and doesn’t get stunned easily


The weapons on show included:

  • Toaster – A fire-charged weapon that can knock-down and do increased damage
  • Megaton – A big, heavy, slow weapon that can knock away enemy punches
  • Sparky – Charged with electricity that can cause a stunning attack
  • Boomerang – Creates an arc with your attacks, can create a whirl-wind attack
  • Revolver – Fires 3 shots with one attack, can stun but easily deflected
  • Slapamander – Attacks with a wide arc and causes fire damage

All weapons can be mixed and matched with one weapon per arm.

Arms is set to release in Autumn of this year (or Spring for our Northern Hemisphere friends) exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

For more Arms goodness, check out our hands-on with the game earlier this year.