Blossom Tales release date announced

Posted on March 11, 2017

A Steam announcement trailer has been released for Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King created by Castle Pixel and developed FDG Entertainment, showcasing the fast paced game play of this retro adventure reminiscent of the early Legend of Zelda games, as well as providing its release date.

Throughout the trailer we are treated to many vibrant pixel-perfect settings in which the female protagonists Lily explores, all the while discovering new items and monsters to slay. The gameplay looks to be action packed with field hazards galore and hordes of enemies ready to attack at any given moment. On top of the battling, the game looks to be full of puzzles to solve and hidden dungeons to find, a must for any action adventure game.

Blossom Tales 3

The story of Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King will be presented in the form of a story told from a grandfather to his young grandchildren. More than happy to regale his kin in an exciting adventure, the aged storyteller weaves a tale in which Lily, a young girl becomes one of the brave Knights of The Rose. However, an evil plot is hatched by the malevolent wizard Crocus, who places the King under an everlasting spell of slumber. Lily is now tasked with finding a remedy to the spell, saving the king and stopping Crocus’ nefarious plans.

Blossom Tales 5

Players will be treated to a one-of-a-kind experience as they trawl through hand-crafted dungeons. The two young grandchildren will keep players on their toes by occasionally introducing enemies and plot points, and more as they help their grandfather tell his tale.Blossom Tales will have over 15 hours of gameplay, 5 challenging dungeons to discover and explore, various items and weapons to make for creative gameplay and battles, as well as unique, and charming storytelling

Blossom Tales 6

It’s rather refreshing to see that in the past few years we’ve been treated to more adventure and action stories where the protagonist is female. I’m quite pleased that Blossom Tales is helping to break down these stereotypes that sees mostly men embarking on such gaming quests. Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King will be available for purchase and play on PC through Steam from March 28th 2017.