Dragon Quest Heroes II introduces additional characters

Posted on March 26, 2017

With Dragon Quest Heroes II only a month out from release, Square-Enix has released a new trailer announcing two additional heroes for the battle roster. Those who are familiar with Dragon Quest VII Warrior of Eden (Fragments of the Forgotten Past for the 3DS remake) will be pleased to see that Maribel “Little Miss Long Range”, and Ruff “The Boy Who Ride Wolf” are making an appearance in the upcoming sequel.

In this most recent character reveal trailer we get to see these two rambunctious youths get up to trouble and take on hordes of Dragon Quest monsters. The painfully snooty Maribel does battle with a handy boomerang, clearing out her opponents with wide sweeping attacks. This would mean she will be a mid to long range fighter who will suit players who enjoy a less active approach to battle.

The ever playful Ruff, on the other hand, rides upon a white wolf and attacks his opponents head-on, dealing swift slash attacks to all enemies within his range. Players with a preference for close combat will find his battle technique more preferable. Both Ruff and Maribel possess quite colourful personalities in Dragon Quest VII and it would appear as though they have been done justice in this adaptation.

Dragon Quest Heroes II will arrive across Europe and PAL territories (which includes Australia) for the PlayStation4 on the 28th of April 2017 and will be available on Steam from the 25th of April.