GOG Galaxy is exiting beta with a massive update

Posted on March 23, 2017

GOG Galaxy is blasting out of beta with version 1.2 announced for users!

The Steam and Origin competitor from gog.com (Good Old Games originally) is celebrated as being completely optional. If gamers just want the games they purchased from GOG with no client or DRM (Digital Rights Management) that is completely their choice. The GOG Galaxy platform is designed however to offer more robust services to users who want and need them.

The client update adds in a number of new features:

  • Universal Cloud Saves
  • Full Client customisation
  • Client hibernation mode
  • Bandwidth limiting
  • FPS counter
  • Screenshot capture
  • In-game overlay and more!

GOG Galaxy

For more details head over to GOG.com/Galaxy. The release is now available for early testers with it heading out to all users in April.

It’s always great to have more competition in the online retail space; GOG is shaping up to be an excellent and viable platform with a great hook of being completely DRM free. Take a look.