For Honor patch v1.03 coming to consoles

Posted on March 7, 2017

For Honor has had a bit of a mixed release with fans of the hack and slash genre. Whilst the game itself is an addictive sword swinging paradise, it’s let down by a few lingering issues. The first of which is some minor character mechanics which have either changed for the worst since the beta, aren’t working at all or aren’t working the way they were intended. The other issue is, For Honor is considerably let down by its P2P (peer to peer) matchmaking service, which is lacklustre at the best of times.

But console warriors take heart because Ubisoft have announced that Patch v1.03 will go live tomorrow on PS4 and XboxOne. While it still won’t address the issues many players have with matchmaking it will address the character imbalance issues and skill flaws that are lingering post beta.

For a full rundown of Patch v1.03 head to the For Honor home page here