Just Cause movie to star Jason Momoa

Posted on March 10, 2017

From Khal Drogo to Aquaman, Jason Momoa has captured nearly every nerd’s heart, and now with the main casting in a video game franchise movie he may do just that.

Deadline has reported that Momoa will headline the adaptation, along with director Brad Peyton, known for The Rock led action movie San Andreas. It seems as though they intend on turning the video game franchise into a movie franchise to match. However, video game movie adaptations rarely do well in theaters critically or commercially, so the future of the franchise is yet to be seen.


Just Cause is all about guns and explosions; nothing new to the big screen, but even still this will be a challenge to pull off. Just Cause relies on carnage and a bit of goofing around, attempting weird combinations and trying to tether people together, none of which would be incorporated into the film.  In making this adaptation, Peyton might just miss the whole point of Just Cause entirely; to have fun. Hopefully Momoa brings some of that crazy fun into his character when it is eventually released.