League of Legends Cheating Service Loses $10 Million Lawsuit

Posted on March 6, 2017

Riot Games (developers of popular online game, League of Legends) has had a big victory on behalf of all fair-playing gamers after the scripting distribution group, LeagueSharp, was forced to pay out a whopping $10 million USD in court. For those unaware, LeagueSharp are the creators of a bot and scripting service that allowed users to cheat in online League of Legends matches.

Originally the suit was filed back in August and has now ended with not only the hefty fine but also a court-ordered ban on LeagueSharp’s websites. These sites are now under Riot’s control.


Riot’s suit was filed with the following complaints:

LeagueSharp “injects assemblies,” or scripts, into League of Legends (LoL) for a $15 USD (~$20 AUD) subscription fee. For $50 USD (~$66 AUD) a month, LeagueSharp’s botting service quickly levels up LoL players’ accounts. The lawsuit also accuses LeagueSharp of attacking Riot’s servers, teaching LoL players how to cheat without being caught and advising them how to fraudulently dispute transactions in-game.

The successful lawsuit should not only reduce the amount of botting and scripting players, but also serve as a deterrent for similar services entering into the market.