Lethal League is bouncing on to console

Posted on March 27, 2017

Lethal League quickly gained popularity when the “competitive projectile fighting game” released on Steam back in 2014. The creators have since expressed their desire to make the game available on console, one day. Well, you better get your competitive face ready because Team Reptile have finally set a console release date for May 10th of this year!

You will soon be able to flex your dodging skills on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, all whilst on the comfort of your own couch, surrounded by your mates. Sounds pretty great, right?

“From the moment we started the development of Lethal League some years ago we felt that the ideal way to play this game would be on consoles. It’s a big milestone for us to finally release our first console title, with Lethal League we believe we will make a solid console debut” – reads a developer press release.

For those who may not have heard of it before, Lethal League is a competitive projectile fighting game where you hit an ‘anti-gravity’ ball into your opponent. Each time you hit the ball, it gradually speeds up until all you can see and hear is the extreme flurry of blows and the furious mashing of buttons.  It supports up to 4 players and has some super sick beats to listen to as you slowly chip away at your opponents resolve.

If that sounds like your kind of game, check out the console release trailer above, and mark May 10th down on your calendar.  If you’re a bit too impatient to give this title a go, you can head over to steam here and get your hands on a PC copy.  Happy bouncing!

leathal league gameplay