Middle Earth: Shadow of War delivers 16 minute gameplay video

Posted on March 9, 2017

If you were a fan of Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor, then the darker and more grim follow up title by Monolith Productions, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, is going to make you happier than a Hobbit at second breakfast!

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Monolith Productions have released a new gameplay walkthrough for Shadow of War, which primarily focuses on the sequel’s revamped Nemesis System, but also showcases the games amazing graphics, story, and gameplay. While certain aspects of the original Nemesis System remain (ie: followers and rivals), it’s now possible for the for the player to build a literal army, having them follow you through the battlefield, and using them to help you take on enemy forces. The demo also showcases numerous other ways the previous game’s Nemesis System has been expanded upon in order to better fit the massive war situations which players will find themselves a part of now.

One of the things I find truly impressive about this demo is the scale and the spectacle of it all. Yes the game remains an open world RPG paradise just like the first, but Shadow of Mordor simply can’t compare to the full scale siege on an enemy fortress that Shadow of War offer. However we will have to wait and see if such epic battles will be on the table every time a fortress is up for grabs. Honestly though, for all its shine and glimmer (we do love sparkly new games don’t we), there’s just something truly wonderful about good old fashion guts and gore. Sure, over time it can become tiresome if there isn’t a good enough story or something else in the game to hold it together, but did anyone else see the dragon in the trailer?! You get to ride it! This here is enough to hold the game together if you ask me.


I hope you’re as excited as we are here at Checkpoint, Middle Earth: Shadow of War is expected to release on August 23 2017.