Nintendo Switch passes 1.5M units sold in first week

Posted on March 16, 2017

The Nintendo Switch is shaping up to be quite the challenger in the console scene. With a much warmer reception than the WiiU, popular Midnight launch events all over the world, and even managing to warm my jaded heart a little; Nintendo may be looking at a success story.

Data from Super data, first published on, states that Nintendo has now surpassed 1.5 million sales of the hybrid handheld/console in just a week. The report breaks down sales of the Switch by country, with the US selling 500 thousand units and Japan close behind at 360 thousand. Europe is noted at achieving sales near to Japan’s  with no mention of Australia specifically.


The Switch is off to a great start with Nintendo stating that it’s been their strongest console launch in years; whether that statement is inclusive off the Wii is unclear. Regardless, it will certainly be interesting to see if Nintendo can keep their stride and reach the commercial success of the Wii with the Switch.

As always with the games industry, whether Nintendo can keep up this momentum will all depend on getting a great stream of games onto the system and continuing to highlight ways that it differentiates itself from the competition.  As far as sheer quantity of titles is concerned, the Switch certainly has some catching up to to when compared to the Xbox One, PS4 or even iOS and Android Tablets; whose market Nintendo is starting to invade.