Replace your Switch, lose your save games

Posted on March 5, 2017

I’ve replaced consoles before, I’m sure most of you have. I probably had about 7 Xbox 360s all up over the course of it’s generation because sometimes, the system breaks or you trade up to the new model, but you never had to worry about your save games, because you could just copy the data over, well be careful with your Switch for the time being because Nintendo has confirmed that you cannot current copy Switch Save Game data to an SDCard or a new console.

The Switches inability to manage game data between the device and the SDCard is already bit of a pain, but this may turn into quite the headache. I’m certainly not going to be happy if my Switch get’s bricked and/or needs replacing only to be losing all my save game data because I’m not able to store it on the SDCard or even move it.

Early owners of the system have been commenting on the Switch placing Save Game data onto it’s internal storage; but you might be saying “well I have a physical copy, surely the save game data is on the GameCard”… well you’d be out of luck too! The Switch saves all game data, be it a GameCard or a digital purchased game, on to the systems internal storage.

Hopefully this is functionality Nintendo can bring in a future system patch. Perhaps cloud backups like what Microsoft, Sony, Steam and Origin offer would be a solution Nintendo could implement. Being able to copy and backup your save game data is quite key to a lot of gamers, a lot of whom would be mortified to lose their progress for every game they own if anything happened to the console; but I guess for now, just be extra careful with your shiny new Nintendo Switch.