Take a splash during the Pokémon Go Water Festival

Posted on March 24, 2017

Until March 30th at 7.00am AEDT you can channel your inner Misty or Wallace in Pokémon GO.  The mobile Pokémon game’s newest celebration, the Pokémon GO Water Festival, will see an increased appearance rate for water type Pokémon around the world.

For the collectors out there, this also applies to the Johto Pokémon that are now available, and if it also applies to the dragon scale to evolve Seadra I will be very impressed. News has also surfaced that shiny Magikarp are being found since the event went live. Instead of the traditional red, they are gold, with the resulting Gyarados being a shiny red.

shiny magikarp

A new avatar wardrobe item, the Magikarp hat, is also available to coincide with the festivities. Speaking of Magikarp, this may just get me back on-board to finally get a Gyarados.  It’s great to see Niantic keeping things rolling in terms of new and engaging content, as I have  wondered for a while about how many of the initial 500 million players are still engaged. Given the gap in Pokémon generations it will be a while before I get can my hands on Aggron or Gardevoir, even though the new Eeveelutions are somewhat tempting.  For now, happy Water Festival to all and happy hunting!